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Stainless Steel Decorative Wire Mesh

Decorative wire mesh(Woven wire drapery):
Style: Woven rod & cable(flexible one direction)
Size: Max straight rod is 156" long
Material: Stainless steel 316
Opening area :45% to 66%
Features and benefits
Aesthetic appeal
Available in both flexible and rigid design
Architecturally inspired
Unique design
Variety of opening sizes
Acoustical panels
Architectural panels
Ceiling panels
Decorative accents
Fencing & gates
Column covers
Grilles, screens & vents
Partitions & panels
Store fixtures
Decorative wire mesh for architectures are popularly used in decorations of exhibition halls, hotels and luxurious room decorations as screens, also inside and outside decorations in superior office buildings, shopping center and sports center, ceilings, walls, stairs and railings. Decorative wire mesh fabrics offer certain protection as well as the good decorative effects

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